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   MSI–ECG (Education, Counseling, Guidance) Package
MSI’s One–Stop Quality Services
1)     MSI initiates a comprehensive and solid Education Counseling Guidance (ECG) mechanism for all students and parents with a view to completely understand, appreciate and conceive of Vision, Mission and Strategy of MSI and World Education System, being so far nourished.
2)    MSI manages to cooperate the students with a correct and complete accomplishment of necessary papers, forms and documents concerned for eligible admission processes of the respective academic institutions.
3)    MSI cooperates with a basically solid arrangement for the admission of Academic Institutions, personally selected by the students themselves.
4)    MSI conforms to apply the Aptitude Test in MSI office for the students after submitting a prior registration in advance to MSI for a correct, decisive and effective studying and learning the subject with talent and mindset.
5)    MSI consolidates in applying for the international scholarships and module exemption by submitting formally process of application to the Academic Institutions concerned.
6)    MSI materializes the heart-felt feeling of sending and accompanying the students to the Academic Institutions concerned regarding the parents for a visit visa.
7)    MSI arranges Airport pick-up and accommodation as well.
8)    MSI connects and cooperates with ISO-certified Medical Centers for Medical Check-ups.
9)    MSI manages Air-ticket Booking.
10)        MSI organizes Worldly-worthy Tourism Programs for Medical Check-ups as well as Touring and Shopping with affordable expenditures and time-line worthy services.